Rabbi and Rebbitzen
Rabbi Larry Greenhaus was born on Long Island, New York to Jewish parents.  Larry married Eileen in 1988 found Yeshua as his Messiah in 1990, and started attending Beth Emanuel Messianic Synagogue in Holtsville, NY.  During his 18 years at Beth Emanuel, Larry served on the Business Board, co-led the Care Ministry with Eileen, and served in various ministries.  Due to a job change in 2008, he and Eileen moved to Melbourne, Florida and began attending Kol Mashiach Messianic Synagogue.  During their 10 years at Kol Mashiach, Larry served the congregation in various capacities and also began a Prayer Ministry.  Larry has a heart for both personal prayer and seeing corporate prayer having a larger role in people’s lives.
Rabbi Larry received his Licensure and Ordination through IAMCS  (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues). 
Eileen is also from Long Island, New York.  She was raised in a Christian home and has been very active leading and serving in various ministries within messianic synagogues they have attended. They have two adult daughters. Rabbi Larry and Rebbetzin Eileen have 3 grandchildren.
After serving as Assistant Rabbi for 1 year, Rabbi Larry became the Senior Rabbi at Keren Ohr in 2019.  Together, they share a desire to serve the Lord and see truth of Yeshua spread to the Jewish people  and  all the world.