Miqedem in Concert


Keren Ohr Messianic Synagogue is partnering with Gateway Church to host the one concert in 2018 that you don’t want to miss!

Formed in 2015, Miqedem is an Israeli band with a unique blend of Middle Eastern, Western, and International music influences – all set to the original words of the Hebrew Bible.

Although their music is sung entirely in Biblical Hebrew (live translations), Miqedem has gained a large and loyal fan base around the world, and since forming, have toured extensively in many countries, including concerts in Sweden, the UK, France, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, and in over 20 states in the US and counting!

In May of 2018, the band released their second full-length album, “Vol. II” as a follow-up to their successful self-titled album released in 2016.  Miqedem brings to life the words of the Scripture.  Their songs are what King David would be singing if he was alive today!  You can preview their music at miqedem.bandcamp.com.

As dynamic as their recorded music is, their live concerts are not to be missed.  Filled with driving beats and transcendant melodies, Miqedem transports the audience to another world – where ancient Israel and the modern world collide.

We want EVERYONE to experience Miqedem in Concert! 
Tell everyone you know,
bring all your friends,
and join us

Thursday, July 26th at 7pm


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